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Hamburg, September 2019

In addition to our SMC Thickening Pastes LUVATOL and our SMC Carrier Foils TRENNFILM, the composite-team LUVATOL® would like to inform at the K 2019 about the new additives for thermosetting resins (SMC/BMC, Pultrusion etc.):

LUVOGARD® HF - Non-Halogenated Flame Retardant Additive

A synergistic mixture of organo-phosphorous and nitrogen based derivates developed especially as flame retardants for thermosetting resins.

LUVOGARD® HF enhances their effectiveness through a variety of mechanisms including intumescence, thereby forming isolating charring. I addition LUVOGARD® HF works in combination with the heat sink principle and the formation of non-combustible gases in the situation of fire. Its unique chemistry and structure allows for usage in closed and open mold systems. Clear, liquid, viscosity reducing systems or ATH reducing, light weight powder formulations are available for various needs.

Products for pultrusion


LUVOTREND - Internal Mold Release Additives

Proprietary formulations of unique polymeric compounds and organic esters engineered for today´s new complex thermosetting resins and polymer systems.

The addition of LUVOTREND allows for faster cycles, easy mold release, improved flow characteristics, reduced resin viscosity, improved dispersion of pigments/fillers, bettering of surface and reduced wear and tear on dies and tools.

LUVATINE - Wetting, Dispersing and Viscosity Reducing Agents

LUVATINE is a cost effective solution related to problems of wetting and dispersing of fillers and pigments which repeatedly arise during manufacturing of open and closed mold thermosetting compounds.

Peel Ply for pultrusion applications – enhanced quality for special requirements

Peel Ply is used to build up a textured surface for a better bonding or painting after it is removed from the final composite material.
Peel Ply PA 6.6 P 105 g/m² RD is also available with an enhanced edge-cut sealing for pultrusion applications.

Since 2010, the LUVATOL® business team has been supplying a broad range of high-quality and innovative products for vacuum infusion technology.

PEEL PLY products based on PA 6.6 guarantee an optimum surface finish.
BLUE 21 expoxy adhesive spray for easy fixing of the glass mat into the mold.
COMBIMESH flow-enhancer composite combines several working operations in one product.
VACUUM FILM coextruded polyamide film with widths of up to 6000 mm.

Products for vacuum infusion

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