LUVATOL thickening pastes

LUVATOL® is the brand name for our magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide pastes for the controlled, reproducible thickening of unsaturated polyester resins in SMC and BMC production. 

Our standard range includes up to 20 different LUVATOL pastes with exactly defined properties. This enables us to meet the common requirements of SMC/BMC applications. Compared with the conventional use of magnesium oxide, our LUVATOL pastes ensure that the thickening process always takes place in a precise and reproducible manner. Where very special requirements have to be met, we also develop customer-specific formulations at short notice.

Our experience in this field has a long tradition. It was back in 1903 that Lehmann&Voss&Co. started up production of magnesium oxide. We have been producing LUVATOL pastes individually tailored to customer needs for more than 20 years. Today we sell a good 30,000 t of MgO per year and are extremely familiar with the special properties of the various types of magnesia from Asia, America and Europe. We are thus able to use the most suitable grade for every application. It is no coincidence that we are the market leaders for magnesia pastes in Europe! 

Product development, production, laboratory and pilot plant under one roof ensure that you can always receive the quality you expect from us.

The quality control of our LUVATOL pastes is performed on state-of-the-art rheometers using methods tried and tested over many years. Permanent monitoring of the reactivity of our LUVATOL pastes in terms of reaction rate and final plateau during production, together with precisely defined specification limits, guarantee constant, reproducible thickening properties from batch to batch during SMC manufacture.